By Meagan Meehan


Dex Experience is a musical artist who is also the owner of a skincare and #Cosmetics line called “DEX New York.” Born in the Caribbean and raised in New York City, Dex--who started out as a fashion stylist--is known for his creative zeal in both music and cosmetics. Dex’s most recent song is “Internash”: a fun, upbeat, party tune with a 1990s-style flair.

Dex Experience recently discussed his hot new single, musical career, and cosmetics company via an exclusive interview.

Cosmetics, music, and supermodels

Meagan Meehan (MM): Did the cosmetics line come before the #Music and how did you break into the skincare industry?

Dex Experience (DE): DEX New York Cosmetics was founded in 2007.

As a fashion stylist, I noticed the beauty industry was lacking a healthy line of makeup. I wanted to fill that void so models would know that their skin was well taken care of. I knew that once models were using the product, the concept would then translate to the consumer.

MM: What kinds of products do you offer and why did you choose the name “DEX” for your company and musician persona?

DE: DEX New York offers complexion makeup products with skincare benefits, all-in-one. I chose DEX because it’s my first name and I'm the face of both of my brands.

MM: How did you initially get interested in music and why does party music attract you so much?

DE: Music has always been a part of the creative aspect of my life and is most often the inspiration behind all of my beauty campaigns.

MM: Why do the 1990s and supermodels so inspire you?

DE: I got my start in the fashion and beauty industry in the 90s.

Also, I was of legal age to start hitting NYC nightclubs which is where I networked and met all the right connections to launch my career.

MM: Were songs like RuPaul’s “Supermodel” something you enjoyed partying to back in the 90s?

DE: Yes, I can remember walking, prancing, and dancing to that very song at the Palladium. It was an anthem for me then and still is today. It’s a very empowering song, and that's exactly what I'm drawing from with "Internash."

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