By Mike Bahr


DEX Experience aka DEX is serving fierceness worldwide with the release of “Internash,” the first single from his upcoming album. Combining catchy lyrics with bitchy base, the empowering, feel good, party track has a 90’s sound set against a sassy, modern day kick.   Written and produced by DEX and DJ/Producer Omri Anghel, the song is about embracing the world as your playground. It draws inspiration from the pre-millennium supermodels who mesmerized, amused and enthralled every time they walked the runways and graced the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines. “I long for the return of the 90’s supermodel,” muses DEX. “When gorgeous ladies like Naomi Campbell would be in Italy with Mario Testino shooting a Valentino campaign in the morning, then whisked off by helicopter to slay the catwalk for a Chanel Couture show in Paris and the next day, they’re celebrating with friends on a yacht off the coast of the Maldives. The supermodels were here, there, everywhere: they were Internash!” he laughs. “Internash” by DEX Experience is being distributed by Ditto Music and is available on iTunes.

“Unfortunately the era of the supermodel will never happen again,” DEX continues, lamenting how reality stars and actors dominate the covers of today’s fashion magazines. “Few of today’s so-called covergirls have the glamour, the grace, the power of Naomi, Christy, Cindy and Linda Evangelista.” [READ MORE]

But that doesn’t mean the world has to lose its “Internash”. DEX says it's up to the people to take the power. Each of us must realize our true life’s potentials and shine bright like the diamonds of the 90’s supermodel. He points to how he and many of his friends live the “Internash” lifestyle.

“When writing the song, I had my long-time friend Joseph Turla in mind. Twenty years ago, we were young kids in New York, jet-setting around the world, performing opening acts for artists such as Whitney Houston, Madonna, Grace Jones, Cher, Bette Midler, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce, to name a few. As well, hosting at fashion parties for major designers, such as Versace, Dolce & Gabanna, and Marc Jacobs. Today, I own my makeup line and Joseph is a celebrity fashion stylist for clients like Justin Timberlake and Joan Jett. We often find ourselves at shoots on opposite sides of the globe. I might be in Tel Aviv planning the next season’s campaign, while he’s in Sweden, styling Justin. We’re not fashion models, but we live in a world where it is meant to be explored. We serve it, turn it out, then walk and that is Internash.”  [READ MORE]