Michael Cook, Contributor

Huffington Post

Wondering how you might know the man behind this month’s latest dance floor sensation? “Internash” may be his first pop smash, but DEX Experience aka DEX is not exactly some new kid on the block.

DEX is the founder of DEX New York, the healthy cosmetic line that helped launch an entirely new beauty industry category: makeup with skincare benefits. “The success of the company taught me to believe in myself; to never dim my light for anyone,” he explains. “We are all so much more powerful than we believe ourselves to be. We all must realize that there are no limits.”

Therein lies the message of “Internash.” DEX views the song as both a throwback to and an evolution from RuPaul’s famous song about the runway “Supermodel (You Better Work)”. The song came out at around the same time a young DEX was emerging in the NYC underground nightlife, mixing with the likes of Amanda Lepore, Candis Cayne, and Laverne Cox and performing back-up for avant-garde singer, Kevin Aviance.

Nightlife helped to clear a path for DEX towards fashion and beauty. “There is no place like the NYC nightlife when it comes to networking with top professionals that lead to real jobs and opportunities,” he says.

Now, it has gone full circle as fashion and beauty have helped clear his path towards music. We spoke to DEX from the Manhattan offices of DEX New York.

Everyone is comparing “Internash” with RuPaul’s “Supermodel (You Better Work)”. I love it. I would also add that it is reminiscent of Madonna’s “Vogue”. It’s a song for dance and pop music lovers.

Did you make up the word, “Internash?” Yes, I created it. It derives from the word international and translates to mean a force not to be reckoned with.

Will the single be followed with a full EP? I’m in the process of recording several tracks for the forthcoming EP now.

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